Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Super Sunday

After our trip to the orchard on Sunday, we came home and had a pretty eventful day. Twice now we have had a praying mantis come into the living room through the screen.  Not sure how he knows to come in...but he keeps showing up and scaring the heck out of me.  I am not a fan.  Vivienne thinks he is beautiful and would like to paint a rainbow picture of one.  He is ENORMOUS!  We finally moved him over to the neighbors rose garden and we haven't seen him since.  Hope he is happy over there and stays put.

After we relocated the gigantic intruder, Vivanny and I decided to take a looking walk.  There is a book that we love about a little girl who takes a quiet walk with her Dad and listens to all the sounds around her.  It is called  "The Listening Walk", by Paul Showers.  But we decided we would take a looking walk.  So we looked for things like cool rocks and followed cracks to see how far they went and counted trees to see how many before we got home.  We also found some pine cones and some berries so we picked them up and brought them home for some crafting.

Pine cone,peanut butter bird feeders, of course.

Loki, Libby and Bijoux enjoyed the leftover peanut butter.

Finally to top off our day of people watching, looking walking and crafting, Vivienne did some outdoor painting for us and we all watched as the first "bird" enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Oh and we never did finish counting the trees.

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